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Math and Science

Summer Mathematics Calendar

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Let’s keep up our mathematical thinking all summer long!  Regular practice over the summer with math facts, computation and problem solving will help children maintain and strengthen gains made over the school year.  I have attached a math calendar filled with daily problems and activities to keep children learning all summer long. My goal is for you to have fun thinking and working together about mathematical ideas.   Discuss how your child got the solution and what strategy they used.

Included you will find a summer math calendar.  Even though the calendar has certain activities for each day, you can choose which day you complete each one.  The goal is to complete 20 math activities for each month, July and August. Complete each activity in your math notebook, explaining your thinking whenever you can.  Color in the calendar box with the activity when you have completed it, and then bring your calendar and math notebook with a parent or guardian signature in to school with you on the first day.  If you ordered a Summer Math Skills workbook your child should bring that in to show the teacher instead of this math calendar.  

In addition to your calendar math activity, I would like you to do 15-20 minutes of math fact practice each day.  Math facts can be practiced through games, real-life problems, songs, rhymes and flashcards.  Think of convenient times to review facts, such as driving in the car, waiting in line, or sitting at the beach. As a reminder, students are expected to have addition and subtraction facts mastered entering 3rd and 4th grade. Students entering 4th grade should have mastery of their multiplication facts to 10 as well.

Have a wonderful summer vacation!  

Ms. Christina Perry
Elementary Director of Math and Science


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