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Fingerprinting Instructions


TO:     All Employees of the Lynnfield Public Schools
          Community Schools Program
          Department of Public Works

FROM: Diane Borseti
           Executive Secretary to the Superintendent


In an effort to improve the safety and security of students charged to our care, the state legislature has adopted fingerprinting requirements for all school affiliated employees. Historically Massachusetts has only required Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) checks to be done. While the CORI results only cover offenses on record in Massachusetts, the new fingerprinting requirement will link us with national data bases, helping to insure that criminal offenders who should not have contact with children are screened out At this time, fingerprinting only needs to be done once.

Where will the fingerprinting be done?

The Department of Secondary and Elementary Education has contracted with Morpho Trust USA IndentGo. Go to the registration website below to register for a fingerprinting appointment at one of the available fingerprinting centers.

Unlike CORI checks that have no associated fee, individuals will pay a fee to comply with this requirement:
$35.00 – non‐licensed employees
$55.00 – DESE licensed professionals (including those with pending applications/licenses.)
You may pay with a credit card online or pay when you arrive at the fingerprinting location. If you are paying online, please print the confirmation page and bring it with you to the fingerprinting center. Also, ​note the identification you will need to bring to your appointment. You will find a list of fingerprinting locations on the website.

After you are fingerprinted, you will be provided with a fingerprint receipt. A copy of the receipt must be given to Diane Borseti in the Superintendent’s Office. If you are a DPW worker, the receipt goes to the DPW office.

To register online go to:​ and select Online Scheduling, or by phone at (866) 349‐8130. You will be required to provide the appropriate Lynnfield Code (coaches, substitutes and student teachers, etc. may provide up to 10 district organization codes to eliminate paying multiple fees if you are working in more than one district.)

District Code: 01640000

When completing online registration, please enter the following information under employer.

Lynnfield Public Schools
525 Salem Street
Lynnfield, MA 01940
Phone 781‐334‐9200

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Borseti, Executive Secretary to the Superintendent at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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