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21-22 Kindergarten Enrollment

Steps for Enrollment in 21-22 School Year

  1. Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year has not yet opened.  The date will be posted here when it has been determined. Current students enrolled in Lynnfield Pre-school do not need to complete the enrollment form. 
  2. Parents/Guardians will click this link to complete a pre-registration form. 
  3. After this form has been received and approved, we will send an email to families with information required to proceed to the next step. 
  4. Families will sign up for a Powerschool account with the information received in the email.  Once the account is made, families will complete a additional online forms and upload required documents. 
  5. Once these documents and forms have been received, building secretaries will contact families  to schedule an appointment for Kindergarten Screening appointments, which will be held in May. We will only make appointments for families who have submitted the online enrollment form. 
  6. At the Kindergarten Screening, your child will meet with the school nurse and school psychologist, and other staff members.  Usually, the screening appointments last 30-60 minutes. 
If you need a document in a language other than English or need an interpreter, please contact Meg Valentine (

Required Documents to Upload

Documents must be uploaded prior to your child's Kindergarten screening appointment.

General Forms

Residency Forms

Please review the Residency_Policy_Guidelines.pdf before continuing. All incoming families must provide proof of residency in Lynnfield. 

  1. Proof of Residency - Please select 1 as appropriate and upload
    1. Renters: Form_A_Residency_Affidavit_for_Renters.pdf (fillable PDF
    2. Homeowners: Form_B__Residency_Affidavit__for_Homeowners.pdf (fillable PDF)
  2. Proof of payment: Please upload 1 from each section as appropriate
    1. Homeowners:
      1. Proof of recent mortgage payment OR
      2. Recent property tax bill 
    2. Renters
      1. Lease with terms listed & proof of rental payment 
  3. Proof of occupancy: Please upload 1
    1. Most recent utility bill (gas, water, electricity)or bill within 45 days of moving OR
    2. Proof of voter registration 
  4. Proof of Identify-Government issued photo ID - Please upload 1
    1. Driver's license OR 
    2. Passport 
How to save editable PDFs
How to Save Editable PDFs

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