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Enrollment Process

Welcome to Lynnfield Public Schools

In an effort to make the enrollment process easier, we have compiled all necessary forms and procedures on this page.  To begin the enrollment process you will need to complete an online enrollment form.

Please review the following information before starting the enrollment form. 

  • When completing School and Program questions, please use the name of the school your student will attend as the answer to both questions. 
  • For those students enrolling for services-only as directed by the Special-Education Dept, please choose "Lynnfield Public Schools" as the name of your school and "Services Only" as the name of your program. 
  • If your child has previously enrolled in Lynnfield Public Schools (pre-school, services only, or re-enrollment) please contact the school's enrollment manager before enrolling. You may not need to complete all the enrollment steps. 
  •  If you need translation for the enrollment form, required health information, or would like to complete the forms with an interpreter, please contact the enrollment manager of the school (see below). 

In order to submit the form, you will need to complete the requirements on the list below and upload them into the online enrollment form. When you are ready to begin the form, click this LINK HERE

Please understand that even though you completed the enrollment form, your child IS NOT ENROLLED at Lynnfield Public Schools. 

  • Once your enrollment form is received, the school's enrollment manager will contact you with the next steps. 
  • You will need to visit the school to bring in your child's original birth certificate.
  • For Kindergarten Students: Please be aware that you still MUST attend the kindergarten screening.  Please contact the enrollment manager of the appropriate school to schedule a time. 

Please address all questions and concerns to the school enrollment manager as listed below:

Lynnfield High School: Patti Brangiforte, 781-334-5823,

Lynnfield Middle School: Maria Goodwin, 781-334-5810,

Huckleberry Hill School: Mary Henehan, 781-334-5835,

Summer Street School: Karen Roberto, 781-334-5830,

Lynnfield Pre-School: Karen Roberto, 781-334-5830, 

Lynnfield Student Services: Stacey Albano, 781-581-5140,

 Lynnfield Public Schools Enrollment Forms

If you need any document in a language other than English or would like to complete the documents with an interpreter, please contact the enrollment manager of the incoming school. 

Forms required to be completed and uploaded before being enrolled in a Lynnfield Public School.  All PDFs can be downloaded with editable fields. If you use Microsoft Edge browser, PDFs can be edited directly in the browser. 

  • Renters Proof of Residency:

    • Notarized_Affidavit_Proof_of_Residency_for_Renters_Form_A.pdf (editable PDF)
    • Lease with terms listed & proof of rental payment (bank statement or proof of canceled check)

    • Most recent electric bill or the electric bill within 45 days of moving OR proof of voter registration

    • Government-issued photo  identification such as a license or passport

  • Homeowners Proof of Residency: 

Forms required to review or complete before starting in a Lynnfield Public School

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