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Promotion of a Positive School Climate


Promoting a positive school climate and maintaining safety are a priority at Lynnfield Middle School. We value proactive initiatives that permeate all aspects of the student experience. We believe that our approach encourages positive social interaction with peers and adults and provides structure with clear limits. The result of this approach is a school with a climate of learning and caring.


  1. Implementation of the LPS Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan
  2. LMS Code of Conduct
  3. Active supervision and targeted visibility of staff
  4. Expanded security camera coverage to include “hot spots” as identified by students
  5. Community Partnerships
    1. Anti-Defamation League
    2. Essex County District Attorney
    3. Lynnfield Police Department
    4. School based initiatives
      1. Team and grade level meetings
      2. Posters and awareness activities
      3. Wellness Week
      4. Pioneer Mentors
      5. Recess Monitors
      6. Guest speakers and assemblies (e.g. John Halligan, Chris Poulos, Jeff Yalden)
      7. Administrator reader program in Grade 5
      8. Curriculum materials and activities
        1. Grade 7 reading of The Revealers and author visit by Doug Wilhelm
        2. Grade 7 annual survey of 7th grade students on bullying
        3. Grade 6 reading of Savvy
        4. Grade 5 reading of Crash
        5. Grade 8 reading of The Boy Who Dared and Anne Frank
        6. Formal Health and Wellness Course (taught in all grades)
          1. Role-Playing Assertiveness Training
          2. Bullying Awareness and Bystander Support
          3. Managing Anger
          4. Stress Management
          5. Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco Awareness and Prevention
          6. Safety/First Aid
          7. Nutrition and Fitness
          8. Healthy Relationships and Communication
          9. Violence Prevention
  6. Internet safety and Cyberbullying Awareness in Media Center and STEM Classes
    3. Power to Learn from Cablevision
    4. Discussion based upon current events
  7. School based counseling programs, groups and curricula
    1. Mean Girls- 101 Creative Strategies and Activities for Working with Relational Aggression
    2. Bully Free Card Games
    3. Individual counseling sessions and collaboration with outside providers
    4. Positive school climate programs
      1. Star of the Week
      2. 8th Grade Sportsmanship Award
      3. 7th Grade Volleyball All Stars
      4. Beep Test Achievement Banner
      5. Presidential Awards for Academic Excellence
      6. Honor Roll
      7. Grade/Team Academic Awards
      8. 8th Grade Homeroom/SSR recognition system
      9. LMS Press
      10. Selection/participation in MIAA Learning to Lead Conference
      11. Participation in the statewide Stand Up Against Bullying Event
      12. No Name Calling Day student created Banners and Pledges
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