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Information on Lynnfield Health Insurance (The GIC)

What is the GIC?

"The GIC provides and administers health insurance and other benefits to the Commonwealth's employees and retirees, and their dependents and survivors. We also provide coverage to participating municipalities, Housing, and Redevelopment Authorities' personnel as well as to retired municipal employees and teachers in certain governmental units.

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) provides high-quality, affordable health insurance and other benefit options to over 220,000 subscribers and 460,000 members." -

As a new employee, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with your health insurance (GIC) options and making your elections within 10 days of hire.  In order to help new employees, we have added this document so that you can review the requirements to enroll in GIC. 

The state requires your acknowledgment that we communicated your benefit options to you, so we require that you complete this form and return it to Linda Call within 10 days of hire.  

Enroll in or Change Health Insurance Plan

GIC Enrollment, Change or Cancel (Form 1MUN) 

Complete this form if you want to enroll or cancel health insurance and you have one or more of the reasons listed below. 

  • You are a new hire
  • You are a current employee but are now choosing to enroll in health insurance. This selection can only be made during annual enrollment. 
  • You are a current employee who is seeking to cancel coverage. 
    • Cancellation effective dates for qualifying events are determined upon receipt of completed forms and documentation.
  • You have a qualifying status change such as indicated below. You must make this change within 60 days of this change.
    • Change:
      • You have changed your name or your address,
      • You have changed your marital status: divorced, legally separated, or remarried.  
    • Add or Drop Dependents

Additional GIC Related Forms

Click on the name of the form to download and complete form.

HIRD Disclosure Form

  • Use this form if you have declined to participate in Lynnfield's health insurance (the GIC) and/or have declined to participate in Lynnfield's “Section 125 Cafeteria Plan” pre-tax purchasing arrangement.
  • A Section 125 Plan is not health insurance; it is a way to purchase health insurance on a pre-tax basis. For information about affordable health insurance options, visit the Commonwealth Connector at

 Dependent Age 19-26 Enrollment/Change Form 

  • Use this form to enroll your dependent aged 19-26 for the first time or to report a change in status for your dependent’s who are aged 19 - 26 years old. 
  • Upon receipt of a complete application, the GIC will determine coverage eligibility and effective date. 
  • For new insureds, coverage for the dependent age 19 to 26 will begin on the new insured’s effective date. 
  • Dependents of existing GIC enrollees who are already over age 19 must have a qualifying event to enroll during the year or may apply during the GIC’s Annual Enrollment.  Incomplete applications will be returned.  PLEASE USE ONE FORM FOR EACH DEPENDENT AGE 19 TO 26.

Employment Status Change Form-1AMUN

  • Use this form when you have your employment changes in one of the following ways: 
    • Retirement
    • Termination
    • Leave of Absence (starting or returning)
    • Transfer from another school system

Application for Insurance Coverage for Handicapped Dependents

  • Use this form if one or more of your dependents is handicapped and requires health insurance.

Click to get the GIC Guide


If GIC has your email address you may use my GICLink to access enrollment forms to make Annual Enrollment changes.

  • Go to
  • Enter your email address and DOB
  • Choose your GIC form(s)
  • Select Request
  • Check your email for the requested form(s)
  • Follow instructions for completion
  • Select Submit
  • Watch your email

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