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Staff List

Full District Staff List with emails
Adam-Brown Dawn Paraprofessional
Albanese Bonnie SpEd Teacher DLP
Albano Stacey Clerk
Alim Jessica SpEd Teacher LBS
Alpert Janice Media Center Librarian
Amatucci Anna Tutor
Ambroise Katherine Director: STEM
Anderson Victoria Teacher
Angelo Cheryl Paraprofessional
Argeros Sophia Assistant SPED
Arria Tracey Technology Assistant
Asadorian Margaret Teacher, Gr 4
Ashley Brent Teacher
Ayoal Martin   Custodian
Babon Emily Speech and Language Therapist
Bakst Kerin   PK Teacher
Band Cynthia Teacher SPED
Barrett Katie Teacher
Bartlett Emma Special Education Teacher
Batcheller Alexander Merrimack Fellow
Bates Brian Assistant Principal
Beaumont Kaitlyn Fellowship Student
Bemiss Brian Principal
Bennett William Teacher
Bider Katherine Assistant SPED
Bierwirth Michael Director of Athletics
Billings Zachary Teacher
Bitman Ella Adjustment Counselor
Blanchette Ethan Teacher
Bloom Stephen Teacher
Boches Arielle Paraprofessional
Boliver Sandra Accounts Payable
Bonanno Emily Teacher Kindergarten
Bonneau Marilyn Custodian, Head
Borseti Diane Secretary
Bosley Meghan Merrimack Fellow
Bossi Jamie Assistant Kindergarten
Boulay Michael Teacher
Braconnier Andrea Physical Therapist
Brangiforte Patricia Secretary
Breen Susan Teacher
Brigham Robin   Cafeteria Worker
Brisson Molly Teacher DLP
Buchholz Erica Teacher
Budd Stephanie School Aide
Budryk Elizabeth   Community Schools Teacher
Burchill Meghan Special Education Teacher
Burke Robert   Custodian
Burns Elisa Teacher
Burt Dawn Teacher
Butter Molly Tutor, Instructional Support
Cacciapuoti Mary Teacher
Call Linda HR/Payroll 
Campbell Theresa Secretary
Campbell Craig Teacher
Cappadona Marisa Language Based Teacher
Caradonna Lori Paraprofessional
Caram Alexandra Library Media Specialist
Carbone Heide Assistant School
Cardone Laetitia Kindergarten Teacher
Caron Tracy PK Teacher
Carroll Susan Teacher
Cellucci Alexandria Teacher
Chambers Katelyn Teacher, Grade 1
Charak Cheryl   Non-Instructional Assistant
Charette Denise Kindergarten Teacher
Cho Dana School Psychologist
Cincotta Amanda Teacher
Clasby Erin Adjustment Counselor
Cleary Robert Principal
Coats Audrey Teacher
Collins Barbara Kitchen staff
Colonna Danielle Teacher
Comeau Jacqueline Clerk
Condon Jolie Teacher
Connelly Melinda Teacher
Conrad-Hamer Stephanie Physical Education Specialist
Cook Liane Teacher
Cooper Rochelle Tutor/long term sub
Corcoran Susan Secretary
Coughlin Gerard Bridge Teacher
Couture Kelly Teacher
Creighton Catherine Permanent Substitute
Cundiff Annie Teacher Gr 1
Curreri Elana Fellowship Student
Cyr Kevin Assistant Principal
DaCorta Linda Teacher
D'agostino Toni SpEd Para
D'Agostino Doreen Assistant METCO
Damiani Darren 4th Grade Teacher
Dario Kathleen Technology Coordinator
Davison John Teacher
Deacy Mary Kate ELL Teacher
Dearborn Melissa 3rd Grade Teacher
Dell'Aria Adam Teacher
DeRosa Kathleen Teacher, Gr.2
DeShaw Morgan Secretary
Devitt Melea Long Term Sub
DiBiase Joseph Teacher
DiBiase Jennifer Principal
DiCologero Doris Assistant Kindergarten
DiFelice Tara Tutor
Dinardi Deborah Teacher
DiSalvatore Ellen Paraprofessional
DiStefano Andrea Kitchen Manager
Dolan Kelsea SpEd Teacher LBS
Doyle Lindsay Teacher
Driscoll Lindsay Teacher, Gr 3
Driscoll Maria Teacher Grade 3
Dunn Camille Non-Instructional Assistant
Dupuis Arthur   Custodian
Duranceau Jacques Teacher
Dwyer Ann Media Aide
Ellis Karen Teacher
Ennis Christina Teacher
Ernest Camille Secretary
Fagan Elias Tutor
Fagan Cynthia Paraprofessional
Fay Katherine BEDS/LEDS Community Schools
Fennessy Maureen Elem Dir ELA/SS
Fennessy Maureen Curriculum Specialist
Ferullo Maria Teacher, K
Ferullo Nicolina Community Schools Teacher
Ferullo Nicolina Paraprofessional
Finnegan-Zaccardo Patricia SpEd Para
Fleming Frances School Aide
Fogarty Heather Speech and Language Therapist
Forrest Lisa 2nd Grade Teacher
Forster David Teacher
Fraser Kerrie Teacher Music
Frederickson Janet Assistant Kindergarten
Freeman Jaclyn Tutor, Instructional Support
Galka Heather SpEd Teacher
Gamwell Kate Psychologist/Guidance
Gasinowski Beth Teacher, PE .2
Gasinowski Beth .6 PE Teacher
Gattoni Deirdre Teacher
Geary Thomas Business Manager
Gehret Christine Physical Therapist
Geisler Jill SpEd Teacher
George Elisabeth Teacher Gr 4
Gerbick Diana Nurse
Giacalone Lisa Teacher
Goguen Jennifer Teacher
Goodwin Maria Secretary
Gordon Scott Teacher
Gordon Myla Teacher
Gordon Jessica SpEd para
Gordon Dayna Assistant SPED
Grava Jennifer Paraprofessional
Greenwood Jessica Merrimack Fellow
Greer Wendy English Tutor
Griffin Andrea SpEd Para
Guenard Debra 2nd Grade Teacher
Guerriero Jill CIL1 Teacher
Gustafson Gina Clerk
Hager Kristin 1st Grade Teacher
Hale Lindsay Occupational Therapist
Hall Patricia Assistant SPED
Hamm Carol Paraprofessional
Hanley Odille Teacher, Gr.1
Hardenstine Rochelle COTA
Harvey, Sr. Daniel   Custodian
Hawes Nicole Teacher
Hayden Elizabeth Teacher
Hayden Susan Paraprofessional
Hazelton Patricia Teacher
Hebert Christine DLP Teacher
Heffron Renee Assistant SPED
Heldenbergh Patricia 3rd Grade Teacher
Henehan Mary Clerk, Main Office
Hernandez Gail Paraprofessional
Hines Wanda Metco Assistant
Hodgkins Douglas Teacher
Homan Mary Nurse
Hunt Brittany Paraprofessional
Hyde-Bradford Nicole Teacher, SPED
Iannibelli Maryellen Teacher
Jameson Laurie Paraprofessional
Janakas Emily SpEd Teacher
Janus Linda Media Aide
Johnson Laura Teacher
Johnson Melinda SpEd Para
Johnson Heidi Teacher
Judkins Jennifer Tech Integration Specialist
Julian-Cresta Suzy Kitchen Assistant
Juliano Jill 1st Grade Teacher
Kalfin Gale Tutor
Kane Michelle Teacher
Karakashian Elizabeth Teacher
Kariotis Panagiota Art Specialist
Kataftos Katrina Assistant SPED
Kavanaugh Sharon SpEd Para
Kelly Meagan SpEd Teacher DLP
Kelly Lorie 4th Grade Teacher
Kenney Kathryn Psychologist
Kerrigan Kateri Special Education Teacher
Kilbride Kaitlin Teacher
King Dave Custodian, Nignt
Kinney Nicole 3rd Grade Teacher
Kirk Taralee System-wide Evaluator
Klove Stephanie 2nd Grade Teacher
Knight Andrea CIL2 Teacher
Kodis Brianna Paraprofessional
Kowal Kelsey Fellowship Student
LaGreca Linda Secretary, School
LaMonica Elizabeth Teacher
LaMonica Paul Teacher
Lamusta Patrick Teacher
LeBlanc Emily Teacher
LeBlanc David Custodian
Legendre Lindsey PK Teacher
Leibowitz Jodie Teacher
Leone Wendy SpEd Teacher
Locke Elizabeth SpEd para
LoPiccolo Catherine Teacher, Gr.2
Lorentzen Kristen 2nd Grade Teacher
Lorenzo Kathleen Teacher, Art
Lucia Judith Literacy Tutor
Luiso Steven Network Admin
MacDonald Kathleen Tutor, Instructional Support
MacKenzie Scott Guidance Counselor
Maguire Joanna Paraprofessional
Mancinelli Kate 1st Grade Teacher
Manderson Leane Teacher
Marcoux Stefanie Teacher
Masamba Lelo METCO Coordinator
Mauro Kara Director
Mazzola Maryann Tutor, Instructional Support
McCarter Kathleen Teacher, Gr.4
McCarthy James Food Service Director
McCumber Lynne Teacher, Gr 3
McElwaney Caitlin Paraprofessional
McGill Margaret Teacher
McLeod Heather Teacher, Grade 4
McNamara Lisa Teacher SPED
Meaney Nancy Teacher
Mehigan Colleen Teacher, Gr.2
Meinert Christine Teacher Grade 3
Messina Desirae   Paraprofessional
Miele Peter Math Tutor
Miller Kari Literacy Tutor
Mingolla Ann   Cafeteria Worker
Mirasolo Vincent Teacher
Miscioscia Jeannine SpEd para
Moccia Felicia Wilson Reading
Mondello Patricia Permanent Substitute
Moody Kathryn Guidance Counselor
Moore Jennifer 1st Grade Teacher
Moresco Michael Guidance Counselor
Morin Jacqueline Teacher
Munyon Derrick .5 HHS / .5 LMS
Munyon Derrick BCBA
Murphy Jane CIL3 Teacher
Murphy Lori Secretary
Nesbit Eric Systems Analyst
Noce Christina Elem Dir Math/Science & Title 1 Dir
Noce Christina Curriculum Specialist
Noto Christina Assistant School
O'Brien Kathryn SpEd Para
O'Neil Cynthia o' Teacher
O'Neil Ann Marie Long Term Spanish Substitute
O'Neill Karyn Teacher
O'Reilly Patricia Teacher
Osborne Bethany Math Tutor
O'Shea Carol o' SpEd Teacher LBC
Ostuni Jessica Psychologist .6
Ouellette Courtney Assistant SPED
Owens Susan Teacher, LMC
Pantazelos Donna Teacher - Lang. Based
Pare Paula Food Service
Parisi Kristen SLP
Parziale Nicole Paraprofessional
Pasciuto Lisa Paraprofessional
Percoskie Kristine 4th Grade Teacher
Perkins Sarah Tech Integration Specialist
Perrone Michelle Teacher
Petrin Rebecca Media Specialist/Teacher
Piccinni Gail Teacher
Pierce Steva tutor
Pincus Jennifer SpEd Teacher
Potter Colin Teacher
Prach Lisa Assistant Kindergarten
Precourt Sharon Paraprofessional
Prew Paula Literacy Tutor
Provost Kristina Teacher
Puleo Joseph Teacher
Quickel Jill Teacher, Gr.1
Ralston Stephen Principal
Rapacki Morgan DLP Teacher
Rinaldi Paula Paraprofessional
Rizzo Lauren Paraprofessional
Roach Sean Teacher
Robert Michelle 4th Grade Teacher
Roberto Karen Clerk
Robertson Kathryn Director: ELA/SocSt
Robertson Mary Teacher, PE
Ross Traci Kindergarten Teacher
Rothermund Victoria Teacher
Rugato Linda Non-Instructional Assistant
Rundell-Gjerde Lydia Psychologist
Ruocco Ralph Technology Director
Ryan Karen Assistant LMC & Lunch
Ryan Christina SPED Coordinator
Sakelakos Christopher Teacher
Sallee Thomas Assistant Principal
Sambatakos Marylou Teacher
Sanborn Mary Tutor, Title 1
Sartorelli Christine Kindergarten Teacher
Scangas Pamela SpEd Para
Scenna Rebecca Math Tutor
Schelzi Emily Long Term Substitute
Schifino Nanci Assistant SPED
Schott Cynthia Tutor, Title 1
Scialdone Gina Teacher
Sgroi Julie Teacher
Shapiro Ariana Teacher, Grade 2
Sheehan Caitlin Speech Pathologist
Sheils Christine Nurse
Shoreman Bette Literacy Tutor
Silva Catherine Teacher
Silva Cheyenne Long Term Sub
Simonetti Renee Clerk
Smart Paula Tutor, Title 1
Smith Stephen Teacher
Smith Christine SSP Teacher
Smith Patricia Tutor, Title 1
Souza Katherine Teacher
Spencer Courtney Teacher
Stahl Adam Teacher
Stevens Kathleen 2nd Grade Teacher
Struzziero Ernestine Teacher
Stryhalaleck Jessica Teacher
Sullivan Laura Nurse
Swirka Jayne Teacher, K
Tate Tamara Teacher
Taylor Darlene Secretary
Ternullo Lisa Teacher, K
Terrizzi Marissa Teacher, SPED
Thoen James Teacher
Thomas Amy Paraprofessional
Thompson Margaret Teacher
Tierney Erin Tutor, Instructional Support
Tracy Debra Assistant SPED
Tremblay Jane Superintendent
Valentine Megan ELL Tutor
Vardaro Mary Teacher, Literacy
Vardaro Mary Literacy Teacher
Velasquez-Curran Jessica Assistant SPED
Vermont Ernest Teacher
Viera Arlene Permanent/Sub Teacher
Vowels Heather Teacher
Wagg Harry Music Specialist
Wallace William Teacher
Wane Kristin Teacher
Watts Elizabeth Special Education Teacher
Weeks Sheri Teacher
Weidman Neal Teacher
Wein Michael Teacher
Wein Emily S&L Pathologist
Welenc Devin   Psychology Intern
Welsh Cheryl 3rd Grade Teacher
Westmoreland Thomas Teacher
Whittier Nathanael para / after school support
Wright Krista Teacher
Wyard Victoria Fellowship Student
Wyland Melissa Teacher, Gr.1
Younger Danielle 1st Grade Teacher
Zalvan Rachel Para, Non-Instr
Zaremba Caroline SpEd Para
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