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Principal's Message December 2018

Good Morning!  

Imagine this scenario:  The morning bells have rung and you walk down the empty corridor to your classroom.  You open the classroom door and are greeted by the eyes of twenty two classmates as well as the teacher.  It is a very uncomfortable feeling… you are late.


This fall, we seem to be experiencing an increase of student tardiness to school.  When a student is rushing into the building and scrambling to get to homeroom or first block, it adds an unnecessary level of anxiety and disruption to their day.  Each of the Lynnfield schools have a social/emotional learning goal this year. Timely arrival to school provides opportunity for students to be prepared and in a proper mindset to learn.


At LMS, we begin our day at 7:40 am with a 5 minute homeroom period.  That time is used for taking attendance, announcements, and setting the day.  The building opens to students at 7:00 each day. Students who arrive prior to 7:20 wait in the cafeteria before the ‘morning bell’ which marks the time when students may report to their grade level areas.  Also, breakfast is served in the LMS cafeteria each morning until 7:35.


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Arriving On Time for School and Class:

  • Makes sure that your child doesn’t miss out on the important learning activities
    that happen early in the day when they are most alert.

  • Early morning learning activity is often reading or writing; your child can lose so
    many opportunities to learn these critical life skills.

  • Helps your child to learn about routines and commitment.

  • Gives your child time to greet their friends before class and this can reduce the
    possibility of disruptions in the classroom.

  • Class disruption can make your child feel uncomfortable and can upset others.

  • Arriving on time every day makes children feel good about themselves

Are these some reasons why your child does not get to school on time?

  • Your child won’t go to bed at night or get out of bed in the morning

  • Your child can’t find their clothes, books, homework, school bag…

  • The school lunches are not ready

  • Homework is not done

  • Your child is slow to eat breakfast

  • Your child is up late at night or when they should be getting ready for school

  • There is a test or presentation at school today

  • Your child is screaming or not letting go of you.

Here are some suggestions based on setting regular routines:

  • Have a set time to go to bed

  • Have a set time to be out of bed

  • Have clothes set out and school bag ready the night before

  • Make lunches the night before

  • Have set time for starting and ending breakfast.

  • Set a time each day for homework. Try right after school with the TV off so
    your child can relax for the rest of the night and have a reward when finished.

  • Turn the TV on for set times and only if appropriate.

  • Be firm that children must go to school.

  • Give your child lots of positive encouragement and acknowledge when they are
    organized and get to school on time.

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