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March 2018 Principal's Message

March 2018

Principal’s Message:


"Flops are part of life’s menu. Everyone makes mistakes. High achievers learn by their mistakes. By doing that, an error becomes the raw material out of which future successes are forged. Failure is not a crime. Failure to learn from failure is."~ Unknown


When teaching a child to ride a bike, there are stages.  First, a sturdy tricycle is used followed by the two-wheeler with training wheels.  Eventually, those training wheels come off and the child will fall.  Scrapes and bruises will happen and perhaps even a reluctance to get back on that bike will follow.  Now comes the part of the teaching that is most critical…the reassurance that falling is ok coupled with the encouragement to persevere and try again.


Similarly, schoolwork and academics are comparable to riding that bike.  Falling will happen at some point.  It might be met with pain (no scrapes/bruises) and a reluctance to try again.  The falling might even be repeated.  Again, this is where the most critical steps of learning occur.  We must teach our children/students the paramount importance of learning from mistakes and the courage to try again, but differently.  As the above quote reminds us, the error becomes the raw material for future success.


I genuinely value the feedback of the community. Should you ever have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone (781)334-5810 or email Thank you.


Stephen R. Ralston, Principal


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