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Core Values Overview: 2018-2019

2018-2019 Core Values Overview


Over the course of the year, the LMS Core Values of Kindness, Effort, and Citizenship were continually reinforced throughout our community.  Here is just a sample of some of the events and activities that our students experienced:


8th Grade

  • Core Contributors - monthly assembly to recognize students for their demonstration of one (or more) core value. A bulletin board in the grade 8 area displays pictures of all recognized students

  • Students created presentations and activities explaining each Core Value and then presented to 5th and 6th grade homerooms. 

  • Core Values Focused Half-Days: 8th Graders created kindness magnets which were put on every 7th Grader’s locker, demonstrated effort in the Marshmallow Challenge, and transformed used water bottles into planters.


7th Grade

  • Team Building Field Trip at outdoor adventure ropes course.

  • Teachers created effort challenges for students as they rotate between classes on a half-day.

  • 7th graders half day LIPSYNC Contest & concert and made inspirational posters.

  • Worked on citizenshipactivities on the topic of sustainable energy.  


6th Grade

  • Students read “The Important Book” and had activities to celebrate differences… including messages of advice from from last year’s 6th graders, shared “The Important Thing About Me” paragraphs to get to know homeroom classmates and teacher, and wrote messages offering advice to next year’s 6th graders.

  • Students read “The Kindness Quilt”. When students/teachers demonstrate core values, students/teachers filled out quilt squares and hung them in the pod to make a core values quilt.

  • Students learned about math glyphs and showed effort to make different ones celebrating each student’s uniqueness at beginning, middle and end of the year.

  • Students watched 9/11 video highlighting positive actions of people impacted on that day.  Discussed kind efforts of first responders, victims, and strangers in the country and how they demonstrated citizenship and kindness towards others.  

  • Grade 6 Thanksgiving breakfast to celebrate our community and to make turkeys to show what we are thankful for.

  • Students watched a video about Martin Luther King, Jr., and discussed the core values demonstrated during the civil rights movement.

5th Grade

  • Guest speakers discussed the core values of effort and kindness with overcoming physical challenges and goal setting.

  • Pumpkins decorated and donated to Senior Center for citizenship activity. 

  • Thankful breakfast: students invited a guest and shared why they were thankful for them.

  • Fifth Grade Breakfast - students used conversation starters to learn about traditions that are carried out in their peers’ homes.

  • 8th graders presented to 5th graders about - kindness, effort and citizenship, and they led activities that revolved around each core value. 

  • Students painted rocks to display how each student is unique and how they all contribute to our community.



  • Kickoff scavenger hunt and whole grade level activities in gym.

  • Monthly “All Star Awards” for students demonstrating the core values in exploratory classes. 

  • Bulletin board display “Brighten Someone’s Day”. Students show gratitude and acknowledged someone displaying core values.

  • World Languages and Wellness Weeks activities geared to Core Values.



  • Kickoff activities

  • Chris Poulos (stunt biker and motivational speaker)  

  • LMS Holiday gift drive for Department of Children and Families

  • Kindness Rocks painted for our Veterans and displayed at Market Street

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