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April MCAS Update/Details


April, 2019


Dear Parents,


Beginning next week, your child(ren) will be participating in this year’s MCAS testing program for ELA (English Language Arts).  All middle school students will have two testing sessions over this time frame. Math and STE (science, technology, engineering) will follow in May


We are able to administer the MCAS to two grade levels at the same time.  This cuts our testing days in half, is less of a disruption to the school day, and allows us to test later within the state testing window.   All of our students will be taking the tests on Chromebooks. They will also be able to use a usb-connected mouse if they wish.


ELA - grades 5 & 8 - April 23, 24

ELA - grades 6 & 7 - April 25, 26   

MATH - grades 5 & 8 - May 13, 14

MATH - grades 6 & 7 - May 15, 16

STE - grades 5 & 8 - May 20, 21


Due to the tight testing window, we ask that you make every reasonable effort to make sure your son or daughter is in school during the testing period.  Sickness cannot be helped, but please try to avoid other absences. We will also be starting testing sessions at the beginning of first period, so please have your child(ren) at school on time as late arrivals can be disrupting to classmates who have begun testing.


Please take some time with your child(ren) this weekend to discuss the importance of doing the best that he or she can on these tests.  The middle school MCAS tests do not require that students pass them before they can go on to the high school, however, accurate test results are essential to our being able to provide your child with the supports and assistance that he or she may need in order to pass the high stakes 10th grade tests.


Additionally, there are two things that you can do to help your child do well on the MCAS tests.  Please make sure that he or she gets a good night’s sleep each night and eats a good breakfast each morning before coming to school. Thank you for your help.


Stephen R. Ralston


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