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About Lynnfield Middle School



The period of early adolescence is a time of rapid growth and change, as young people begin the physical and social transition from childhood to adulthood.  In their social development, young adolescents begin to separate from the views of their parents, test their developing sense of autonomy, establish close peer relationships, and reach out beyond the family to connect with a larger social sphere.  These changes come at different times and at different rates, thus creating the obvious diversity of the early adolescent age group.

Although some youngsters experience great turmoil and stress during adolescence, a larger percentage progress toward maturity with only intermittent periods of distress.  Extensive and wide-ranging physical, social, and emotional changes are taking place within early adolescents.  One of the tasks of the school is to help youngsters integrate these changes into their lives in ways that are productive and satisfying.

Core Values: The Lynnfield Middle School community builds all of its formal and informal programs and opportunities on three core values:  respect, responsibility and life-long learning.  These core values take form in a variety of ways:  (1) offering students diversity in courses, teaching styles, and scheduling: (2) encouraging students to integrate their developing capabilities, interests, and relationships into a sense of who they are by focusing on self-exploration and self-definition in curriculum units they study; (3) promoting meaningful student participation in their school community; (4) encouraging positive social interaction with peers and adults through small group learning activities, staff participation in student activities, and both formal and informal contact outside the classroom; (5) providing structured outlets for the physical energy of young adolescents through physical education classes, lunch time breaks, and opportunities to move around the classroom; (6) enabling students to experience competence and achievement in academics through quality instruction, positive expectations of all students, appropriate rewards and praise, and opportunities for increased independence and responsibility; and (7) providing structure with clear limits in the rules and behavioral expectations that are communicated to students.

We believe that a successful middle school is one in which the academic curriculum challenges, and the social environment nurtures young adolescents.  It enables students to experience freedom within clearly defined boundaries in order to develop decision-making skills.  It provides for the development of individual initiative and encourages the building of community.  The successful middle school has the primary purpose of promoting a climate of learning and caring that will instill, with faculty assistance, the students' desire to learn and to thrive within a social organization. 

Teaming:  The concept of instructional teams in the Lynnfield Middle School is slightly different at each grade level.  In grades five and six, students are assigned to a team of three teachers who divide the daily schedule to meet the curricular needs of each student. The homeroom teacher will instruct humanities while students move among a team of teachers for their academic instruction.  In grade 5, wellness, STEM, media, art, music, and band and/or chorus enrich the curriculum. In grade 6, the curriculum is enriched by wellness, French or Spanish, media, STEM, art, and band and/or chorus.


The seventh and eighth grade team arrangements continue the close association of teachers and students.  Students move among a team of four teachers for their academic instruction and support.  Decisions on the allocation of time and student placement within each group are made by the team.  In grade 7, wellness, French or Spanish, media, STEM and art enrich the curriculum. In grade 8, the curriculum is enriched by wellness, French or Spanish, music, media, art and STEM.

Names associated with the American space exploratory program were chosen as identifiers of the teams because of the excitement, learning, challenge and futuristic possibilities that the space program embodies and which are characteristic of the school.  

Learning Support: Personnel and Programs.

Administrators, school psychologists, special needs teachers, and aides support classroom teachers in providing students with the programs that meet their needs.  Extracurricular programs such as drama, yearbook, math team, Mock Trial, LMS Press, The Pioneer Singers, jazz band and intramurals (offered through the Community Schools Program) complement the academic program and extend it to meet student interests outside the classroom. 

The Lynnfield Middle School faculty collaborates to reinforce basic skills, allows space and time for students to explore diverse academic and enrichment courses, provides effective adult role models, and supports the personal development of early adolescents during this critical period of their schooling.


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