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LHS Philosophy of Athletics

The philosophy of interscholastic athletics in the Lynnfield Schools is an extension, in many respects, of the general philosophy of education in the system. The athletic programs are designed to aid in the development of the complete person.

There are many lessons that can be learned and attitudes that can be instilled through involvement in a program of competitive athletics. Attitudes and personal characteristics such as self-control, self-discipline, self-confidence, loyalty, courage, and respect can be instilled in the proper environment of athletics.

Although winning and excelling are stressed to enhance the possibilities of learning, winning should never be given priority over a genuine concern of the overall welfare of the individual. Instead, emphasis is placed on the use of one hundred (100%) of every athlete's ability one hundred (100%) of the time. As a result if everything else is equal, there are usually more wins than losses, and of prime importance, the student athlete grows in ways that should result in making him or her a happier and healthier adult.

Every course and activity in high school is open to all students regardless of race, color, sex, religion or national origin.


Sports are an integral part of the co-curricular activities at Lynnfield High School. Student involvement in athletics is a privilege that can be a valuable and rewarding experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in athletics during all three seasons. Many sports are conducted at three levels of competition: Varsity, Junior Varsity and JV2/Freshman.  During the season a player may be moved to a higher or lower team.

Sports offered at Lynnfield High School are:










Field Hockey




Indoor Track*




Track and Field*


Swim & Dive*  





(*Separate teams for boys and girls)


An unlimited participation policy will be used whenever possible. There are factors, however, which necessitate the size of the squad to be limited in order to maintain a high level of safety, coaching, playing time and practice time. The following will be considered reasons to limit the size of the squad:

1. Nature of the sport (e.g.) golf and tennis;

2. Available time and facility (e.g.) most indoor sports;

3. An exceptionally large number of students trying out for a sport.

4. Safety factors.


Members of Lynnfield High School Athletic teams will comply with the "Rules and Regulations Governing Athletics" established by the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association. A copy of these rules and regulations is available from the Principal or Athletic Director.


1. Graduate from high school.

2. Successfully complete a core curriculum of at least 13 academic courses including at least three years in English, two in mathematics, two in social science, two in natural or physical science (including at least one laboratory class, if offered by the high school) and two additional courses in English, mathematics or natural or physical science.

3. Detailed information regarding minimum GPA, SAT and ACT scores for Division I and Division II eligibility can be obtained in the guidance office.


1. All sports may be covered by parents purchasing the school insurance available shortly after the opening of school in September.

**The above coverage is in force only when it does not duplicate other personal insurance coverage.

2. All student-athletes are covered by a supplemental policy paid for by the school department. This policy is on file at the business office. It is available as a supplement to personal insurance and/or school insurance described above.


**Please note that the MIAA rules represent a minimum standard upon which schools can develop more stringent requirements. Therefore, LHS rules supersede the MIAA minimum standard in some cases.**

1. The school physician or family physician shall examine candidates for athletic teams annually. No person will receive equipment or participate in practice or games until he/she has passed the physical exam, paid the activity fee and has returned an athletic permission slip signed by a parent or guardian and a physical examination slip signed by a doctor.

2. An athlete may not participate in a practice or contest on a day when he/she has been dismissed from school due to illness.

3. An athlete is responsible for the return of all equipment and uniforms issued. Payment will be required for all missing or damaged equipment.

4. An athlete will not be issued athletic equipment or be allowed to participate in any sport if he/she currently owes for missing equipment.

5. No awards will be presented to any athlete who owes equipment to the school. No awards will be won by any athlete who has been suspended from athletics for the remainder of the season.

6. No member of an athletic team will be given permission to use the whirlpool bath unless a physician, trainer or coach has prescribed the therapy. Also, anyone using the whirlpool must have a coach or coach's designee present.

7. Any injury should be reported immediately to the coach.

8. No spiked shoes including "multipurpose shoes" are to be worn in the locker rooms, gyms, or corridors.

9. No athlete will be allowed to wear articles of athletic clothing issued from other high schools, or clothing that conveys drug or alcohol messages.

10. All classroom responsibilities and disciplinary obligations take precedence over athletic practices and games.

11. As soon as practice is over athletes are expected to leave the building. Athletes are not to remain in the corridors after practice without appropriate supervision.

12. MIAA, Chemical Health, Rule 62.1: During the season of practice or play, a student shall not, regardless of the quantity, use, consume, posses, buy/sell, or give away any beverage containing alcohol; any tobacco product; marijuana; steroids; or any controlled substance. This policy includes such products as “NA or Near Beer”. It is not a violation for a student to be in possession of a legally defined drug specifically prescribed for the student’s own use by his/her doctor.

First violation: When the Principal confirms, following an opportunity for the student to be heard, that a violation occurred, the student shall lose eligibility for the next 2 consecutive interscholastic events, or 2 weeks of a season in which the student is a participant, whichever encompasses the greater number of contests. No exception is permitted for a student who becomes a participant in a treatment program. It is recommended that the student be allowed to remain at practice for the purpose of rehabilitation.

Second and subsequent violations: When the Principal confirms, following an opportunity for the student to be heard, that a second or subsequent violations occurred, the student shall lose eligibility for the next 12 consecutive interscholastic events, or 12 consecutive weeks, whichever encompasses the greater number of contests in which the student is a participant. If after the second or subsequent violations the student of his/her own volition becomes a participant in an approved chemical dependency program or treatment program, the student may be certified for reinstatement in MIAA activities after a minimum period of six (6) weeks or six (6) contests, whichever penalty is greater. The director or a counselor of a chemical dependency treatment center must issue such certification. Penalties shall be cumulative each academic year, but a penalty period will extend into the next academic year, (e.g. if the penalty period is not completed during the season of violation, the penalty shall carry over to the student’s next season of actual participation, which may affect the eligibility status of the student during the next academic year.)

13. Any athlete suspended out-of-school from his/her regular school day will not be permitted to practice or play with his/her team on that day.

14. No athlete may take part in any practice or contest on the day that he/she is absent from school or has failed to report to school before 9:00 AM without the written consent of the Principal or Athletic Director. Violation of this rule will result in a one (1) game suspension.

15. When the school is providing transportation to an activity or event, all participants will travel with the group unless given permission by the coach to do otherwise. If a student misses school transportation because of tardiness, other reasons, or if the charter transportation fails to appear the student will only be allowed to participate if driven to the event by: 1) School Administrator; 2) A Coach; 3) Faculty Member; 4) A Parent. Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action.

16. Willful damage to the locker room area or gymnasium will result in immediate suspension from the team for the remainder of the season.

17. An athlete will be suspended for the season for stealing personal or school property.

18. The commitment an athlete makes to his/her team as a team member is important. Athletes will be required to "sit out" one (1) contest for each contest missed without a valid reason. The coach and Athletic Director will determine the validity.

19. The athletic program is an extension of a student's educational experience. Athletes are expected to display characteristics of good sportsmanship and exemplary behavior on and off the athletic field. Fighting, cursing and obscene language are completely unacceptable as are displays of disrespect for teachers, school staff, game officials, coaches, other players and observers. Such improper behavior will result in the athlete's suspension from the team for a period to be determined by the Athletic Director.

20."Athletes are not to organize, take part or be involved in any way with initiation or hazing of fellow athletes. Athletes will not only be suspended from that team but are subject to punishment by arrest, imprisonment and/or fine for hazing as provided in Chapter 536 of the Acts of 1985."

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